Lodge “L’Égrégore”


“L’Égrégore” was recently created from the decision of some members of a Lodge existing in Quebec since the beginning of the twentieth century to join the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women “Le Droit Humain”. Indeed, the way in which humanistic values, openness to the world and freedom of conscience are conveyed by “Le Droit Humain” is more in line with the aspirations of the founders of our Lodge.

Freemasonry being a traditional initiatory Order, our Lodge focuses on initiation and education, on helping members of our community to grow individually and collectively, and on achieving an enriching level of reflection for all, regardless of gender, origin or way of life.

But “L’Égrégore” is not so closed in on itself, for it encourages its members to participate actively in the life of the city and, when they are judged ready, to visit other Lodges and Obediences, in order to open their minds to the fruitful diversity of Freemasonry.

The peculiarities of our Lodge are based not only on the firm and voluntary ritualistic discipline (like the mandatory “business dress code”), on the careful selection of its future adherents, but also on the exercise of a rational thought that never excludes tradition, symbolism and spirituality. Thus, our members, coming from different socio-economic backgrounds and beliefs, can enrich each other and practice tolerance, solidarity and conviviality, thus reaching “L’Égrégore”, that is to say this privileged moment during which the spirits of all work in unison.

To contact us: http://legregore.ca