Lodge “Terre des Hommes”

Loge Terre des Hommes, Québec

Terre des Hommes is a new Lodge being created in Quebec City. It is scheduled to open by early 2018.

In reference to universality and hospitality, the name of the Lodge, “Terre des Hommes” (“Man and His World”), does not suggest any reference to gender, but rather to the qualities of human nature. “Terre des Hommes” also alludes to a novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, whose major work is “The Little Prince”, and the author of the famous maxim: “If you differ from me, my brother, far from hurting me, you enrich me”. Finally, “Terre des Hommes” was chosen as a reference to the theme of the Universal Exposition held in Montreal in 1967, better known as Expo 67, which brought the Province of Quebec into the community of cultural nations.

Lodge “Terre des Hommes” promotes, among its core principles, the culture of fraternity, harmony and equality, the defense of diversity, as well as work and the initiatory transmission.

Because every human is at home on earth, this new Lodge will initiate people of various social, professional and cultural backgrounds who aspire to work “to the progress of Humanity”, who behave daily as free human beings and who defend their inherent values.

The Lodge will also welcome Freemasons who want to continue their Masonic journey while they are settled in Quebec City over a period of time.

Contact : pres.terredeshommes.quebec@gmail.com