Principles and Duties

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

The motto of liberal Freemasonry “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” sums up well its principles. The individual must be free in a free, egalitarian and inclusive society. Freemasonry does not tolerate any dictatorship nor any form of fanaticism. Between individuals, irrespective of their social class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, Freemasonry advocates equal rights and opportunities.

Its members oppose any racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory party.

Freemasonry considers that solidarity between human beings is what allows them to work better together and to find solutions to the various individual or collective problems they may encounter.

In a Masonic group:

  • No social or intellectual distinction is made between individuals;
  • We respect everyone’s freedom of conscience;
  • We bring together very different people, which is a way to represent the variety of the world and to allow for a practical learning of tolerance;
  • We meet people we would not otherwise have met in our home or professional environment;
  • We can enrich ourselves in contact with these various personalities, meeting on an egalitarian and solidary basis, turned towards the same ideal.

The desire for justice that animates the members of Freemasonry is accompanied by the conviction that everything is perfectible: human beings as well as societies and the laws that govern them. It is the duty of everyone to improve and to contribute to the improvement of society, by taking concrete steps to achieve this double ideal.

Politically, “Le Droit Humain” does not take any official position. Its members are entirely free to choose. Those who advocate intolerant or discriminatory ideologies are not accepted. Freemasons seek, they do not pretend to have found all the answers. Freemasonry is not an end in itself, but a means, under the sign of the following values:

  • Tolerance
  • Liberty,
  • Equality
  • Fraternity


The duty of the Freemason is to serve humanity in a non-selfish way, excluding any form of personal gain or personal promotion.

“LE DROIT HUMAIN” has not completed its work, and all human beings are invited to participate.

More than a century after its creation, the declaration of its founding members still remains topical: “Co-Freemasonry is not a new cult but a human philosophy that intends to remain in the human social field. “Le Droit Humain” advocates peace between all the peoples of the earth, liberty, equality and fraternity.”