Who are WE?

What is Freemasonry?

Qu'est-ce que la Franc- maçonnerie - Le Droit Humain - fédération canadienne

Freemasonry is composed of men and women willing to share an ideal of freedom of conscience. By sharing often divergent opinions in Lodge , they seek to better understand the social issues of our century.


To achieve this, they share a symbolic language derived from the tools offered by Freemasonry. Moreover, the initiatory method, that is, the one that opens the path, proposes a journey adapted to the rhythm of each person. It is this amalgam that allows each of us to be a Freemason.

Since there is no teaching, the exchange of views is privileged. The resulting personal reflection serves as the basis for further common reflection. Each member contributes to the creation of a common construction. This is Masonic work.

We do not learn to become Freemasons. We search within ourselves the values that allow us to radiate out towards the people around us.

Who are the Freemasons ?

Free men and women from different backgrounds

Parcours maçonnique - Franc- maçonnerie Le Droit Humain - fédération canadienne

Freemasonry is meant to be a “microcosm” of our society. Women and men of all ages, from different backgrounds, free to think, free to express diverse views. Thus, it is this great diversity that is the main asset of Freemasonry, because different opinions enrich the debates and underscore the values of tolerance and fraternity.